Schaubude Berlin

What Remains.

On the trail of a time that has disappeared
David Continente
Documentary object theatre and encounter project • in German

What does a pair of red high-heeled shoes tell about an escape from the GDR? What does the price of a coffee pot in 1990 testify? And what family history from the time of the German division does a mixer preserve?
On the basis of numerous interviews with contemporary witnesses, theatre maker Anya Deubel playfully explores the multi-layered life stories and biographical breaks in the GDR period and after the fall of the Wall using original everyday objects and personal memorabilia of the interviewees.
With a suitcase full of things and related stories, she travels through Berlin to create a growing archive of memories and reflections about the division of Germany and the time afterwards at various venues together with the audience.
The public is invited to bring personal memorabilia from the time of the German division.

Anya Deubel, Berlin und Agencia EL SOLAR, Mexiko/Spanien
Sun 19.04.2020   Berlin
Schaubude Berlin
On the advice of Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, to prevent the corona virus from spreading, the Schaubude Berlin will stop its program until 19 April 2020.
Further information will follow.
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